Carney Mustangs 33 Hathaway Hawks 6

Hathaway Hawks at Carney Mustangs in Elementary School Basketball
Posted on 05/13/2019

The Best Game All Season!

The Carney Mustangs took on the Hathaway Hawks in the only New Bedford Elementary School Basketball Game this year.  Coach Bejma from the Hathaway Hawks summed up the game brilliantly, “I loved how it ended and I don’t think it could have ended any more perfectly.”  

Fan Favorite Bennett Lawrence hit a buzzer beater to end the game, which caused the entire crowd to go wild.  Despite the game ending with a score of 33-6 in favor of Carney Mustangs the game felt close and hard fought throughout both halves.  

The theme of the game was beant around teamwork as both coaches preached about it during their respective interviews.  Coach Bejma said, “Teams tried very very hard. I would like to see my team focus on teamwork a little bit more; working together.”  Even though Coach Bejma wanted to see more teamwork the Hawks defense was excellent during the game. Anthony Johnson of the Carney Mustangs stated afterwards, “there was a player on Hathaway that kept blocking shots.”  Two players stuck out as defensive stalwarts for the Hawks; #19 and #35.

The elements that allowed the Carney Mustangs to succeed in the game were Good Passing, Excellent Spacing, and Great Teamwork.  Trey Grant led the Mustangs as point guard and fueled the team with precise passes to get everyone involved. He identified this after the game, “I enjoyed the whole game and I thought it went well and we passed the ball well.”  Coach Turner knew that Carney’s success relied on the team working together. “No Individual Stars, but everyone put in effort and worked well together as a team,” Coach Turner emphasized as one of our spectacular reporters interviewed him after the game.

The crowd left the game satisfied and excited during this entertaining contest and hope it will happen more often next year.

By Kirra Berberena, Olivia Fasano, and Nathan Medeiros