Carney Honors Black History Month

Carney Honors Black History Month
This was our First Black History Celebration.  The students spent a while researching African American pioneers or African American people who have positively contributed to our society.  They made "hanger" people of the person they researched, they did this with parent help.  We combined this with a panel of people of color who have been successful contributors to our local community.  We had:
-Allann Fonseca, New Bedford Police Officer
-Carl Cruz, Sgt. William H. Carney's great great grandson and New Bedford's Historian on Black History
-Cynthia Rose, Former New Bedford Police Officer and Chief Magistrate
-Bernadette Souza, Former Executive Director of the Boy's and Girl's Club, Board of Directors of Our Sister School, and currently work for Y.O.U. a youth program
-Lee Charlton, Former President of the New Bedford Chapter of the N.A.A.C.P.

Following the panel, parents were invited to come to the 4th Grade Suite to see all of the "hanger" people projects.  We were honored for the dignitaries to volunteer their time to speak with our students.  We were honored to see all of the hard work our students put into their research and corresponding projects.  We were honored to hopefully begin an annual tradition of honoring Black History Month by educating our students of the efforts of national pioneers and local contributors.