For Parents

Carney Academy Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

Our fantastic PTO has a Facebook page, to which clicking above will bring you.  They meet monthly and the meeting dates can be found on our calendar.  If you are considering be involved please attend a meeting or reach out to them via Facebook.

School Adjustment Counselors

Mrs. Heather Macedo

Mrs. Cheri Rinko-Riggs

Parent Information Power Point

This is a Power Point discussing Bounce Pages App, STAR Testing, Pearson products online, and Keyboarding Without Tears.  It also discusses elements of this website, but if you are reading this I will assume you do not need that part of the Power Point.

Bounce Pages

Bounce Pages is an application that is available for smartphones.  It allows you to take a picture of your child's math homework, prior to them beginning it, and it will "bounce" you to a video explaining how to do the concept of the homework.

STAR Testing

For students in grades 2-5, we use "STAR" testing as a way to measure their Math skills and Reading comprehension skills.  We set goals for each student to meet (one for Math and one for Reading) and when they break their goal we put them on the "Reach for the Stars" board in the back of the Forum.  For more information, please click on the "STAR Testing" for a link to more information.


Pearson is the company we use for our Language Arts, Math, and Science curriculum and materials.  They have created our own New Bedford version of the site.  Each student has an account on our webpage (click "Pearson" for a link to the sign in page) where they can access an electronic copy of their book, watch videos, complete assignments, etc.